Four Pics, One Book

For each book I write, I create a four pics image that I refer to often during the process. My hope is that it'll remind me of the story I'm trying to tell. Here's a look at my published book Four Pics as well as my work in progress Four Pics. What would your Four Pics look like?


Until I Break 

Two boys: One, a star athlete and top student with a deep-seated need to prove himself. The other, a chip-on-his-shoulder quarterback who will never settle for second best. When gunshots echo through the halls of Broadmeadow High School, whose finger is on the trigger?

A year before the shooting, Sam North has a bright future as a well as a problem that nobody else seems to see—Ace Quinn, his neighbor and teammate. For years, Ace has been bullying and harassing Sam, yet he’s managed to deftly conceal his actions and threats from the rest of the world. As Ace’s secret rage intensifies, Sam becomes more desperate to stop him. But how far will he go? And what if Ace takes his threats even farther?



 Julian Jackson has a short to-do list for his senior year at Crenshaw County High School in Meridian, Texas. Football, football, and more football are high on that list. Reuniting with Elijah Vance is not. When Elijah shows up at Julian’s house one August night, all the feelings Julian spent three years suppressing come rushing back. They were friends – probably on their way to becoming way more than friends – before Elijah mysteriously disappeared. 

Time and distance haven’t erased Elijah’s feelings, either. In fact, in his mind, the only good thing about returning to Meridian is the chance to prove to Julian that he’s not the same kid he was three years ago. But that won’t be easy, especially since Julian seems to distrust everything about him, and because he’s holding onto a secret that he’s not sure how to reveal to Julian. 

With Hurricane Jean barreling toward the Texas coast, Julian discovers that his hard-earned savings have disappeared, and he’s sure Elijah is to blame. Julian just wants the world to make sense, but he’s about to learn that life is more complicated than his football playbook. If Elijah can learn to trust the boy who’s struggling to trust him, maybe they can find a way to weather the storm together.